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Seminars and one-on-one available!

One of the most enjoyable parts of offering knowledge to the public is the opportunity to do seminars and lectures with other trappers and callers.  There is nothing better than the hands-on discussions where you can really see and understand specifics to help you become a better outdoorsman! If you are interested in having me speak at your location or organization, call or send me a note!  I offer group rates and one-on-one!  I do shows on trapping and calling.  We can work out any type of seminar to fit your needs and timeframe. For seminars, all you need is a location where we can meet with a group of trappers, talk, and dig some holes! Seminars should last about 8 hours. I ask for help to advertise; newspaper, sporting goods stores etc.. 

Cost depends on location:
            $90 per person at the door
            $85 per person if paid in advance of the show (Breaks for families)
            $30 for youth 14 years old or younger

            Returning Students $40

For 1-1 BEFORE season:

$100 for 4 hours.
$250 for the day - instructing what you would like to know. 

On-the-line (yours or mine) -

$250 1st day
$100 each additional day. 
55 cents/mile if I have to drive to location.

Please contact me to schedule a one-on-one or seminar in your area!

Find 8-15 students.  Class arranging person gets class free.  They supply location with woods/ fields and has lunch and water for classmates.


Please make payable to:

Animalistics Outdoors
20 McKinley Ave.

Warren, Pa 16365

We will discuss from beginning to end what you need to become a successful coyote/canine trapper.
You WILL catch your first coyote after this class.



Upcoming seminar dates:

Coyote/Fox Trapping Class

Coyote/Fox Trapping Class

Location: 130 Race Hill Rd, Wyalusing, PA 18853
Cost: $99
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Call Store 814-723-1243 We will be having a trappers day. Seminars, waxing & dying traps and I'll have lots of inventory.
Predator Trapping Seminar and Free Fishing Day

Predator Trapping Seminar and Free Fishing Day

Location: Rainbow Paradise Trout Farm, Coudersport, PA
Cost: $35
Time: Noon - 4:00pm
1 Hour of FREE fishing 1 hour before the Seminar. We will have trapping supplies & DVD's available. Contact Glenn @ 814-274-0832
Emporium Trapper Day

Emporium Trapper Day

Location: Cameron County Fairgrounds, Emporium PA.
Cost: ??
Time: Sat. 9am-5:00pm Sun 8:00am-3:00pm
Rob Danels 814-335-4526 I will only be there Saturday, but my table will be setup.