Canine/Cat Baits

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Allegheny Mountain Bait-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
A three meat base (muskrat, beaver and mouse) that has more of a loud odor. ..
CatDog Canine & Bobcat Bait-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
Bobcat Meat based. ..
Fox Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
NEW!  Predator Gland/Urine mix w/special ingredients!  I have used this for years with great success, but did not feel I needed a lure like this other than One-Shot to sell.  Now that the fox prices have gone up, I stated using this..
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Kinzua Valley Bait-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
A multiple meat/cheese bait. Not an overpowering odor, but a bit of a "softer" smell that triggers a good digging reaction from canines and coon. This bait will get it done all season, but really shines the first few weeks of season when most of th..
MOUSE Canine Bait - 9oz-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
Made with high quality, freshly ground mice. This bait is as natural as it gets! Every predator eats mice and there is no better bait when they are hungry. Great early season bait but also works well with a good lure in the winter...
One Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
BEST SELLER!  One of my absolute top sellers.  Not only is it excellent on canines and cats, but will also attract wolfs!  Predator Gland/Urine mix w/special ingredients! Makes them ALL really dig!  I have additives that make a..
Prime Rib Canine & Cat Bait-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
Red meat bait. ..
Winter Frenzy Canine & Cat Bait-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
This bait is louder for the cold conditions. ..