ANIMALISTICS - A Beginner's Guide to Coyote Trapping

ANIMALISTICS - A Beginner's Guide to Coyote Trapping
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This is the prefect DVD for the new trapper!  Come along with Darin as he shows you everything you need to know to prepare and catch your first Coyote, and 100’s after that!  Trapping the Eastern Coyote is not impossible, but you need to understand the important things to be successful, and this DVD will show you what you need to know.  In this DVD you will learn:

  • The equipment you need to purchase
  • How you prepare that equipment for use
  • What it generally costs to start trapping the Eastern Coyote
  • Locations you need to find to be successful
  • Several VERY successful sets to get you started
  • Remaking you set after catching a Coyote
  • Lure and Bait usage