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#1 Professional Fleshing Knives - 8" x 1" (muskrat, mink and similar)
#2 Professional Fleshing Knives - 12" x 1.5" (coyote, possum, raccoon and similar)
#3 Professional Fleshing Knives - 16" x 2" (large raccoon and similar)
16" Double Edge Fleshing
4" Chicago Skinning Knife
Arctic Ulu Holder
The holder is made of a moose antler and is an excellent way to display your Arctic Ulu Knife.  Each handmade holder is very unique. ..
Arctic Ulu Knife
This knife is a multi-purpose tool used for skinning, cutting meat, and fleshing.  It is ideal as a fleshing tool, especially for harder to flesh areas, such as otter tails.  It is also excellent for fleshing beaver.  The blade is ma..
Arctic Ulu Sheath
This sheath is made of leather and is for use with the Arctic Ulu knife. Picture is similar to actual sheath but not exact. ..
Baracuta Edge- Pro fillet knife
5 " stainless blades overall length 11" Black Zytel handle with rubber grips Includes black nylon holster with belt loop ..
Chain Gambrel
This gambrel comes with two chains on top for more stability.  This is also the most universal skinning gambrel on the market.  It will securely hold animal's feet and help prevent feet from pulling off while skinning. ..
Fleshing Tool - One hand, two sided
This tool has a curved blade that is 2" x 3", four cutting edges, and overall length of 8".  The cutting edges can be sharpened differently so that the same tool can be used for different fleshing tasks.  This tool is particularly good ..
These beams have a slightly curved fleshing surface to work well with the curve of two handled fleshing knives and the ends are shaped to a comfortable working point. These are high quality, heavy duty hardwood fleshing beams and are available in..
Freedom Brand Small Hardwood Fleshing Beams
These are high quality and are available in two sizes/shapes.  The Muskrat beam is approx. 24" x 5".  The Mink beam is approx. 30" x 2 1/2" ..
Freedom Brand Wall Mount Fleshing System
This complete system includes a hinged bracket to mount the beam to a wall, a height adjustable telescoping leg and 36" long by 7" wide hardwood fleshing beam. ..
Fur Comb
This comb is an excellent tool for removing burs, dirt, dried blood, etc. from fur.  The fine teeth and rugged build make this an excellent fur grooming comb. ..