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Darin Freeborough

"The Animal" - Darin is one of the foremost trappers in the eastern United States. Darin has become such a recognized trapping expert, he has been a featured guest at trapping conventions and seminars. He also has produced instructional DVDs for fellow woodsmen who can’t make it to the gatherings.Darin Freeborough



Upcoming seminar dates:

Coyote/Fox Trapping Class

Coyote/Fox Trapping Class

Location: 130 Race Hill Rd, Wyalusing, PA 18853
Cost: $99
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Call Store 814-723-1243 We will be having a trappers day. Seminars, waxing & dying traps and I'll have lots of inventory.
Predator Trapping Seminar and Free Fishing Day

Predator Trapping Seminar and Free Fishing Day

Location: Rainbow Paradise Trout Farm, Coudersport, PA
Cost: $35
Time: Noon - 4:00pm
1 Hour of FREE fishing 1 hour before the Seminar. We will have trapping supplies & DVD's available. Contact Glenn @ 814-274-0832
Emporium Trapper Day

Emporium Trapper Day

Location: Cameron County Fairgrounds, Emporium PA.
Cost: ??
Time: Sat. 9am-5:00pm Sun 8:00am-3:00pm
Rob Danels 814-335-4526 I will only be there Saturday, but my table will be setup.