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#800 Canine Food Lure-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Oily and nature and holds up in wet weather that is so common during the fur season. Has a spike of "sweet skunk" that is not overpowering, but gives it backbone and enhances the food odor and causes an excited, digging reaction, especially on the ..
Exotic lure catches everything! Coyote, fox, coon and bobcat. ..
ADC Skunk, Groundhog Lure - Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Coon, Skunk, Groundhog. Tops for those neighborhood devils and no cats or dogs. ..
Allegheny Mountain Bait-Animalistics Canine/Cat Baits
A three meat base (muskrat, beaver and mouse) that has more of a loud odor. ..
Bait Jars
These plastic jars are amazing for those who like to make their own baits or lures. ..
Basket Smasher! Beaver Lure - Animalistics Beaver Lure
My latest lure that does it all. Early, middle, or late season. Heavy in castor with many sweet odors for the early season. ..
Beaver Castor Lure #3 - Animalistics Beaver Lure
If you like dark aged castor, this is your lure. The finest, fullest castors, plus a couple of kickers to make it my best producer and seller!  Also, tremendous on canines and cats. ..
Beaver Gland Lure #1 - Animalistics Beaver Lure
One top notch Beaver lure. One New York State trapper consistently takes over one hundred beaver a year with this lure. Ground green castors make up the base of this lure, with a few secret additives. ..
Beaver Gland Lure #2 - Animalistics Beaver Lure
Ground green castors make up the base of this lure, with a few secret additives. Tonquin mix in the most intriguing part of this lure! ..
works 365 days a year! ..
Aromatic lure. Zingy odor of cheese. All predators. Freeze proof ..
Canine Lure. Castors and musk. Super on bobcats and freezeproof. ..
Blackie's Blend 3-Meat Bait - 8oz.
This is compounded to just the right flavor and odor, producing mouth-watering bait that any fox, coyote & bobcats really go for.  Cut down on garbage & increase holding power at your predator sets with 3-Meat. ..
Blackie's Blend Berry Sweet ADC Bait - 4oz.
This is good for about anything that you can trap. Very fresh, fruity smelling bait. Blackberries, raspberries, and sugar! An awesome change-up bait! Excellent lure on the ADC line in box traps, but it works just as well on the fur line for grey fo..