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Blackie's Blend 3-Meat Bait - 8oz.
This is compounded to just the right flavor and odor, producing mouth-watering bait that any fox, coyote & bobcats really go for.  Cut down on garbage & increase holding power at your predator sets with 3-Meat. ..
Blackie's Blend Berry Sweet ADC Bait - 4oz.
This is good for about anything that you can trap. Very fresh, fruity smelling bait. Blackberries, raspberries, and sugar! An awesome change-up bait! Excellent lure on the ADC line in box traps, but it works just as well on the fur line for grey fo..
Blackie's Blend Fatal Attraction Bait - 8oz.
Bold and tenacious in character. Sharp bite of shellfish is the main theme. Top notes of oyster, clams, & sardines are also in here. Absolute best there is for prime winter raccoon that will not go into icy cold water for lesser baits. All-seas..
Blackie's Blend Fur King Bait - 8oz.
This will clean out the coon around barns & dwellings without catching house cats. Loud sweet paste bait creates intense hunger/ curiosity effect year round on fox, coon, beaver, 'rats, nutria, skunk, & chucks. Will not dry out with summer ..
Blackie's Blend Hare Today - Gone Tomorrow ADC Bait - 4oz.
This is made from plant extracts. A supreme rabbit bait that has plant material added to essential oils. This bait works wonders in cage traps when trying to catch rabbits. 4 oz jar. ..
Blackie's Blend Main Squeeze Liquid Predator Bait - 16oz.
This is a water-resistant liquid predator bait. This bait will run the table on coyote, fox & raccoon. This is unlike any odor on the market!! ..
Blackie's Blend Power Putty Bait - 4oz.
This has a deep, heavy crustacean-type odor. This is tailor made for vertical structures and difficult overhead situations. Just give it a smear.  Bare, hard banks and under cut root systems. This is your ticket to speed and efficiency.  ..
Blackie's Blend S-K-B ADC Bait - 8oz.
This is an all season skunk bait designed to work spring, summer and/or fall.  Simple and very easy:  one bait, one jar, ready to go no matter which season.  Strong main theme of crustaceans backed up with vibrant middle tones of mus..
Blackie's Blend Thumbs Up Bait - 8oz.
This is Blackie's top mink/raccoon bait for the early season.  Fresh fish is on top of the line on mink/coon early to mid-season.  This is a heavy paste, laced with bold side odors/top tones to carry and penetrate. Also excellent on coyot..
Blackie's Blend Whistle Stop Bait - 8oz.
This is an anti dry-out paste made from the plants woodchucks love to eat, enhanced with several oils and herbs.  Place just a spoonful of this on a couple of leaves of fresh lettuce for eye appeal.  It is put up in a very heavy paste and..