Milligan Brand Lures

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Exotic lure catches everything! Coyote, fox, coon and bobcat. ..
Aromatic lure. Zingy odor of cheese. All predators. Freeze proof ..
Canine Lure. Castors and musk. Super on bobcats and freezeproof. ..
Coyote gland lure. ..
Terrific calling lure for bobcat, coyote, red and grey fox. High dollar lure at regular prices ..
Not as loud as Cat-Man-Do. Excellent all around lure for canines. ..
Bobcat gland lure. ..
Early season lure for finicky fall fox and coyote. Good for all predators. No bait needed. ..
Long distance call lure. ..
Coon lure ..
Grey fox gland lure. ..
Mink Gland lure ..