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#800 Canine Food Lure-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Oily and nature and holds up in wet weather that is so common during the fur season. Has a spike of "sweet skunk" that is not overpowering, but gives it backbone and enhances the food odor and causes an excited, digging reaction, especially on the ..
ADC Skunk, Groundhog Lure - Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Coon, Skunk, Groundhog. Tops for those neighborhood devils and no cats or dogs. ..
Bobcat Gland Lure-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Pure cat glands in a smooth mix that is tremendously attractive to bobcats. This fantastic bobcat lure will be an outstanding addition to your lures! Cats cannot resist it. Of course, a great change up for Canines and I regularly use it to bring al..
CG+ Coyote Gland-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
This is exactly what it sounds like. ..
Coyote Gland Lure-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
The same great lure as Red Fox Gland Lure but laced with a blend of aged Coyote glands. ..
Field Vixen Red Fox Gland Lure -Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
This is my Premium Red Fox gland lure. Only the best, clean glands go in here to make a true foxy smell. ..
Fox Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
NEW!  Predator Gland/Urine mix w/special ingredients!  I have used this for years with great success, but did not feel I needed a lure like this other than One-Shot to sell.  Now that the fox prices have gone up, I stated using this..
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K9 & Cat Curiosity Lure-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
I call this my curiosity lure because it is different and really gets their curiosity up. ..
K9 Special Food Lure - Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
My new food lure full of meats, glands, and oils in the perfect combination for canines, cats, and about any predator there is! You can use it alone or with a bait. It's loud like a lure and attractive like a bait. Drives the canines crazy! ..
Long Distance Food Call - Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Coyote, Fisher, Bobcat, Fox - This is my loudest lure. It is not only a great calling lure, but attractive to the predators to dig it out of the hole! Outstanding lure for Fisher! ..
One Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
BEST SELLER!  One of my absolute top sellers.  Not only is it excellent on canines and cats, but will also attract wolfs!  Predator Gland/Urine mix w/special ingredients! Makes them ALL really dig!  I have additives that make a..
100% Pure Quill ..
Red Fox Gland Lure-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
My outstanding Red Fox lure that continues to prove itself day after day. ..
SC-4 Musk-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
Good "old school" smell. Aged rodent and mink gland base topped off with high dollar oils and musks. Outstanding coyote & red fox lure. Good choice in areas where you are trying to catch canines, 'cats and dry land coon. Another pasty lure that..
SEC (Super Enticing Concentrate)-Animalistics Canine/Cat Lures
A very unique smell that is different from most predator lures on the market today. A good "musky" odor that will really get a predator's attention and keep it. ..