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Bobcat Urine-Animalistics Urines
Coon Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
This is my trailing scent and coon lure.  It is water proof and is great as a trailing scent for coon and mink.  I actually spray it in the water to make it wash up on shore to make them look for it.  By time they get to it, th..
Coyote Urine-Animalistics Urines
Coyote-Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
Only using the best coyote urine and seasoned glands in this lure! Makes them ALL really dig! Very attractive to fox, bobcat, fisher, and of course killer on coyotes. ..
Fox Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
NEW!  Predator Gland/Urine mix w/special ingredients!  I have used this for years with great success, but did not feel I needed a lure like this other than One-Shot to sell.  Now that the fox prices have gone up, I stated using this..
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Grey Fox Urine-Animalistics Urines
Mink Urine-Animalistics Urines
One Shot - Animalistics Special Mixes
BEST SELLER!  One of my absolute top sellers.  Not only is it excellent on canines and cats, but will also attract wolfs!  Predator Gland/Urine mix w/special ingredients! Makes them ALL really dig!  I have additives that make a..
Raccoon Urine-Animalistics Urines
Red Fox Urine-Animalistics Urines
Wildlife Research Center Key-Wick 4-pack
4 pack Designed for max. scent dispersal Special synthetic felt doesn't alter the smell Designed specially for 4 fl oz scent bottles Scents sold separately ..
Wildlife Research Center Pro-Wick
Made with synthetic felt that will not alter nor change the smell of your lure. Extremely absorbant and gives off high scent dispersion. Can easily hand on branches and twigs to really let off scent from 5 in off the ground! 4 pack c..
Wildlife Research Center Quik-Wiks
Uniquely convenient dispenser Patented rain shedding design Special felt wick Screw on seal and practical design make these a must for a serious hunter! 3 dispensers in a pack ..