Tools for Modifying & Fastening

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Bob Custer's Trapper's Bender
This tool mounts in a vise so you can make J-Hooks, S-Hooks, base plates and Sterling type swivels out of 20 penny nails.  Very easy to use.  Comes with easy to follow instructions. ..
Coil Spring Tool
This a handy device that makes it easier to insert spring ends behind the levers when modifying coil spring traps. ..
HIT Heavy Duty Cable Cutters
These have spring action handles for fast cutting and will handle cable up to 3/16".  Excellent cutters at a very reasonable price. ..
Leather Holster for Cable Cutters
This leather holster will accomodate the Standard Cable Cutters, the Swiss C-7 Cable Cutters as well as other similar sized tools. ..
Leather Sheath for Trapper's Pliers
This accomodates trapper's pliers and other similar sized tools. ..
Rivet Tool - HEAVY DUTY J Hook Tool- Each
This is the best Heavy Duty rivet tool money can buy.  It will also cut cable & wire, and will never break. This is ideal for opening and closing J-Hooks.  This tool also works well on some styles and sizes of S-Hooks. ..
Rivet Tool - Standard S-Hook & Rivet Tool - Each
This is used for opening and closing S-Hooks and J-Hooks. ..
Standard Cable Cutters
These will handle up to 3/16" cable. ..
Swiss C-7 Cable Cutters
These are durable, spring action cable cutters that will accomodate cable up to 3/16". ..
Trap Jaw Tool - Each
Helps to install/remove trap jaws. ..
Trap Pan Adjuster - Each
Fits all coil spring and long spring traps ..
Trapper's Pliers
These 6" pliers have side cutters and flat jaws.  These are good for many uses for land lines, water lines and snare lines. ..