Swivels (In-Line & Stake)

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Box Swivels
These can be used as in-line swivels or drowner locks.  Each comes with two 6 Gauge J-Hooks. ..
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Butterfly Double Stake Swivels
These are excellent for use at a set with two rebar stakes. ..
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Double Stake Swivels
These make it easy for you to use two stakes in a set.  Each comes with a 6 Gauge J-Hook for attachment to your trap's chain. ..
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Flat Stake Swivels
These work with 1/2" and 3/8" stakes.  Each comes with a 6 Gauge J-Hook. ..
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Heavy Duty 6 Gauge J-Hooks Rivets
These are used with in-line and stake swivels. ..
Heavy Duty S Hooks - Large End Stake - Dozen
These heavy duty S-Hook (3/16" diameter) have multiple uses on your trapline. They will fit over the end of a 1/2" drag or stake. ..
J.C. Conner Chesnut Double Stake Rings
These are 4" x 1 1/2" and are excellent when using two rebar stakes or for looping chain through to attach to a tree or post. ..
MB Crunch Proof Heavy Duty In-line Swivels
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MB Heavy Duty In-Line Wolf Swivels
These are the swivels that come stock on MB-750 Alaskan Wolf & Cougar coil spring traps.  These swivels come with 1/4" rivets and are excellent for use with any brand wolf & cougar trap.  When closed the rivets should be welded. ..
Mighty Hooks
These are made of tempered 3/16" steel.  The is a strong S-Hook that has many uses. ..
Multi-Purpose Swivels
These are used as in-line, single stake swivels and drowner locks.  Each Standard swivel comes with two 3/16"  J-Hooks.  Each Heavy Duty swivel comes with two 6 gauge J-Hooks. ..
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Sleepy Creek Double Stake 360 Swivels
These are the ultimate in stake swivels.  The butterfly and pivot are made up of 1/8" thick steel.  The butterfly has two 5/8" holes.  The pivot has a 9/32" hole and is bent at an angle to allow for easy stake clearance.  The bu..
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Standard 3/16" J-Hook Rivets
These are used with in-line and stake swivels. ..
Standard Light Duty S Hooks - Stake - Dozen
These light duty S-Hook (9 Gauge) have multiple uses on your trapline. ..
These top notch all around universal 4-way swivels.  Each swivel comes complete with 2 heavy duty J-Hooks. ..
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